We do our best daily to create the most flexible ways of payment in order to meet your satisfaction! As of now, here are the possible payment methods that we can offer to you, all powered by Paynamics:

Over-the-counter orders:

    1. 711

    2. Bank Deposit

    3. GCash

    4. Dragon Pay

    5. Bayad Center



Cash on Delivery

  1. For users who would prefer to pay upon receiving their parcel, cash on delivery would be the best payment option for you! Just take note of your total amount to be settled based on the email confirmation you received from Decathlon and have it ready for handover once our courier service arrives at your desired delivery address.


Credit Card

  1. Card holders of VISA and Mastercard credit and debit cards will may use this mode of payment to complete their order placement.


E-commerce Refund Procedure Only

  1. For users that have placed their orders through their website and wish to be refunded for the amount they already paid. The form below is for E-Commerce customers to fill up with the necessary information, which will allow our team to understand your need for a refund and issue it accordingly. Complete processing of your refund (regardless of the mode of payment transfer selected) can take from 3 – 10 business days. Refund processing time, however does not determine when the full amount will reflect back on the card used as each issuing bank has its own policies on this. Further communication with your specific issuing bank may be necessary for complete information on said policies and timelines.

  2. As seen in the form below, refunds are subject to observation and will not include the shipping fee paid in the delivery of your parcel. Users who place their orders online but live close enough to one of our Decathlon branches also have the option of visiting the store directly and request for a refund there. This request will require you to bring the items with you to return to the store or have it exchanged at the welcome desk.

  3. *Please note that we highly recommend users who purchased any of our products in a physical Decathlon store and not online to return to one of our branches and request for a refund there.

  4. You may process your Refund through: Decathlon Philippines' Refund Form.

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